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Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management training course helps you understand the basic concepts and best practices of Telecom Revenue Assurance. The aim of this revenue assurance and fraud management training course is to provide processes and methodologies that help plug the drain on revenue and maximize profits for the Telecom Sector.



Attendees will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • List The Impact of Next Generation Networks and Services on Revenue Assurance
  • Detect, Analyze, Fix, and Reclaim Revenue Leakages
  • Optimize End-To-End Revenue Assurance Strategies and Implementation
  • Outsmart Fraud By Subscribers and Distributors
  • Discover The Importance of Cost Effective Service Provisioning
  • Understand How The Mediation System Can Be Helpful as a Revenue Assurance Tool
  • Receive and Utilize a Review of Fraud Management Systems and Processes
  • Review Audits and Tests That Can Be Used To Identify Errors in Network Integrity
  • Discover Cost Effective Customer Retention Strategies
  • Outline Proper Data Mining and Data Warehousing Will Impact The Revenue Assurance Implementation
  • Measure and Report on The Financial Impact of Revenue-Assurance Findings



1. Key Concepts Behind Revenue Assurance (RA)

2. Importance of Revenue Assurance in Today’s Market

3. Measuring to Manage Performance

4. The Role of Auditing in Revenue Assurance

5. Some Major Revenue Assurance Processes

6. Why is Revenue Assurance so Important to Today’s Telcos?

7. Network Operations

  • Network Provisioning Errors
  • Assuring Network Integrity
  • Use of Network for Non Revenue Generating Traffic
  • Various Technical Frauds
  • Detecting Network Fraud

8. Mediation

9. Rating and Billing

10. Collection to Minimize Bad Debt

11. Termination and Churn

12. Fraud Management

13. Sources of Revenue Leakage

14. Revenue Assurance Audits

  • Sale & Marketing
  • Ordering & Activation
  • Customer Care
  • Network Operations
  • Interconnection
  • Rating & Invoicing
  • Finance
  • Fraud

15. Revenue Assurance Best Practices



Revenue Assurance Managers, Internal Auditors, Financial Controllers, Engineers, Application Support Professionals, Product Managers, Project Managers, Fraud Analysts, OSS/BSS Professionals, Newcomers To The Field of Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management, Billing Managers, and Revenue Assurance Personnel From Tier 1/Tier 2 Communication Companies (Both Fixed-Line and Mobile), and Triple-Play Providers





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