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  • Through media relation training program, participants will have a good ability/skill related with media as a concept/strategy till application
  • Through this course participants can share their experiences, knowledge and skills related with method, concept, strategy, as well as media relation technique to staff and colleagues to supported daily performance professionalism
  • Participant will get a technical guide related to media, both printed media and electronic



1. The Nature of Media

How to understand the category and media characteristic on this session, participants will understand about every category and media characteristic in Indonesia, such as:

  • How media work
  • The deadline of each media (newspaper, TV, radio, magazine/tabloid and internet)
  • The nature/characteristic of each media (newspaper, TV, radio, magazine/tabloid and internet)

Media control (ownership vs control of media) on this session, participants will understand about every category and media characteristic in indonesia, such as:

  • Conceiving the media ownership and it influence toward of the organization (media user)
  • Media owner intervention (management) toward of media independency

2. Why Media Relations

3. Media Relation Definition

  • The definition of media relation, between fact and theory
  • Media relations type
  • How media works and understanding journalist pursuit and behavior
    • The things to be prepared by journalist before the interview
    • The question to be asked to resource person/informant by journalist
    • The journalist tendency in finding news and what media pursuit to journalists

4. Crisis Communications Team

  • Crisis Team Handle Formation
    • Team formation process
    • Component and job descriptions in crisis team
    • Assignment and spokesperson debriefing
  • Writing Press Statement
    • Press Statement Composing Technique
    • Press Statement Evaluation Composing
    • Press Statement Distribution

5. Handling Press Release

  • Key Message Assignment
  • Press Release Composing
  • Press Release Distribution

6. Media Interview

  • Interview Preparation
    • Understanding characteristic and media type
    • Understanding media pursuit and behavior
    • Understanding media relation form, news value, and news source to journalist
  • Trick/Technique Facing The Journalist
    • How to avoid media entrapment
    • The answer to avoid
    • The answer to give
    • How to give the good answer
  • Media Interview Technique
    • Television
    • Print (Newspaper, Magazine, News Online, Etc)
    • Radio





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