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The Audit course is designed to provide practical view in conducting audit and assurance in one organization. The course is designed to support professional staffs to expand their understanding of comprehensive audit practice.

The course presents a more in-depth view on the fundamentals of auditing by highlighting on topics such as : audit and control analysis, examination of control evidence in conducting audit, application control and management of  audit.

The course will include discussion and exercises related to general control examinations within the scope auditing. The course will also focus on control research and analysis for related topic areas. In addition, through discussion and exercises, participant will gain a working understanding of the process of developing audit work programs.

Participants will be expected to gain a working understanding of how to identify, reference and implement audit practice management and control policies, standards and related auditing standards. Regarding the latter, the objective is to learn how to identify and interpret the requirements of the standards and implement the standards in auditing process.

Each class session will include discussion on an practical audit management, security, control or audit issues that participants should be familiar with. 



  1. Participants shall obtain an expanded understanding the role of auditors in evaluating the related operational and control risks and in assessing the appropriateness and adequacy of management control practices and related controls inside participants’ organization
  2. Participants shall obtain the capability in conducting audit and implement techniques in performing assurance, attestation and audit engagements
  3. Participants shall obtain an expanded familiarity with the principle references in good corporate governance, control and security as related to audit processes
  4. Participants shall obtain the working ability to plan, conduct and report on general and property audit
  5. Participants shall obtain an understanding of the role of auditors regarding operation and propoerty related compliance and regulatory audits, such as evaluating control standards



  1. Introduction to Risk-based Audit
  2. Conducting The Audit Process
  3. Management Controls
  4. Assurance of Controls and Control Objectives
  5. Evidence Collection and Evaluation
  6. Managing the Audit Function
  7. Property Audit
  8. Property Audit Scope
  9. Case Studies





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