Procurement Fraud : Prevention and Investigation

Jadwal Pelatihan Procurement Fraud : Prevention and Investigation

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Contract and Procurement fraud is one of the biggest type of fraud in Uganda. Lots of money is lost at contract and procurement stage. You will learn about strategies to know the different schemes used in contract and procurement fraud, the red flags and how to prevent the same. Given the pervasive nature of fraud, some fraud will be committed. You will gain skills to investigate and prevent fraud. You are encouraged to attend this course after the Introduction to Fraud Course.



To understand the contract and procurement processes, as provided in the PPDA Act, weaknesses in the process, fraud schemes and how to prevent the same. You will learn about the contract and procurement red flags. Get the knowledge and skills to identify, prevent, detect and deter.



  • Have a clear understanding of the various contract and procurement fraud schemes that can be perpetrated in procurement and contracting processes
  • Identify the various common and statutory law principles and definitions that are relevant to procurement and contracting
  • Detect red flags that might be indicative of fraud and corruption in procurement and contracting processes
  • Advise on effective proactive preventive measures aimed at limiting fraud and related offenses
  • Effectively investigate procurement frauds



  • Introduction to procurement
  • The PPDA Act contract and procurement process
  • How fraudsters override the PPDA act contract and procurement process-a case study
  • Procurement practices by private business and organizations
  • People usually involved in the procurement process
  • Construction procurement fraud schemes
  • Goods and services procurement fraud schemes
  • Effectives strategies to prevent procurement frauds
  • Investigating procurement frauds
  • Case study and sample procurement fraud audit guidelines



The course is aimed at employees who have regular interaction with the procurement and contracting of goods and services in order to assist them in identifying fraud and corruption and in putting mechanisms in place to prevent these criminal activities.





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