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Training Online – Corrosion Metallurgy, Failure Analysis and Prevention

Jadwal Pelatihan Training Online – Corrosion Metallurgy, Failure Analysis and Prevention

10 - 11 Desember 2020--
24 - 25 November 2020--
04 - 05 November 2020--


  1. Introduction
  2. Corrosion & Society
  3. How to Avoid Liabilities Due to Corrosion
  4. Lessons of History
  5. Basic Concepts Relevant to Corrosion
  6. Metallurgy and Corrosion
  7. Introduction to Metallurgy
  8. Metals in the Melting Pot
  9. Defects in Metals
  10. The Iron Carbon Phase Diagram
  11. The Microstructure of Common Metals/Alloys
  12. Different Forms of Corrosion: Mechanisms, Recognition & Prevention
  13. Weldment Metallurgy and Corrosion
  14. Weldment Metallurgy and Weldment Corrosion
  15. Precipitation of Intermetallics (Sigma, Chi & Laves Phases) in Stainless Steels
  16. Intergranular Corrosion, Weld Decay and Knifeline Attack
  17. Effect of Cold Working and Applied Stress
  18. Weldment Corrosion of Various Alloy Systems
  19. CO2 and H2S Corrosion of Various Steels and Alloys
  20. Corrosion Under Insulation
  21. Corrosion in Seawater Systems
  22. Corrosion in Atmosphere
  23. Failure Analysis and Prevention
  24. General Approach to Failure Analysis
  25. General Methods of Failure Prevention
  26. Corrosion Resistant Coatings
  27. Cathodic & Anodic Protection
  28. Corrosion Inhibitors
  29. Corrosion Testing & Monitoring
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Topik Training : Training Online – Corrosion Metallurgy, Failure Analysis and Prevention
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