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Online Training – Steam Turbine or Power Plant Performance

Jadwal Pelatihan Online Training – Steam Turbine or Power Plant Performance

23 - 24 Februari 2021--


During this training, the trainer together with the management team, plans the operation and maintenance routines. This training also emphasizes economic aspects of plant operation and maintenance. Key figures for reporting plant performance are also considered.



1.  Boiler Efficiency Calculations

  • Indirect Method (ASME PTC 4-1)
  • Direct Method
  • Using Simulation Tool
  • Economizer & Superheater Effectiveness
  • Air Heater Leakage

2. Steam Turbine Efficiency

  • Turbine Heat Rate
  • Enthalpy Drop Efficiency
  • Exhaust Loss Calculation
  • Control Valve and Stage Loss
  • Steam Turbine Power Generation Calculation

3. Condenser Effectiveness

  • Calculation To Find Out Heat Transfer Coefficient Using Hei 8th & 9th Edition Method
  • Calculation of Circulating Water Flow

4. Feedwater Heater Performance

  • Calculation of Extraction Flow
  • Calculation of Terminal Temperature Difference (TTD) and Drain Cooler Approach (DCA)
  • Calculation of Individual Section Effectiveness

5. Boiler Feed Pump Performance

  • System Performance
  • Boiler Feed Pump Efficiency Calculation

6. Fan Performance

7. Cooling Tower Performance

8. Net Plan Heat Rate

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Topik Training : Online Training – Steam Turbine or Power Plant Performance
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