Business English for Secretaries

Jadwal Pelatihan Business English for Secretaries

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Dealing regularly with clients and documentation, requires a knowledge of business terminology. This course is designed to provide English language skills training within the context of a business environment, and is particularly suitable for secretaries and PAs.



  • Improving your English language skills in contexts relevant to your role
  • Recognising the key functions of your role
  • Receiving individual feedback on your language skills
  • Perfecting your skills in English to be more effective and efficient in your job
  • Building on your skills in preparing meetings, business trips, conferences and other events
  • Increasing your confidence when using English with visitors and colleagues
  • Fast tracking the development in your overall language ability



1. The Role of the PA/Secretary

  • Defining and Developing the Role of the PA/Secretary
  • Describing the most Important Challenges & How to Overcome them
  • Planning for Development

2. Effective Communication

  • Interacting with Other
  • Defining and Developing the Role of the PA/Secretary
  • Relevant Vocabulary for Different Company Functions (HR/Finance etc)
  • Making Plans and Diary Arrangements

3. Dealing with Visitors

  • Welcoming, Introductions and Greetings
  •  Making Small Talk
  •  Checking and Clarifying Arrangements

4. Organising a Conference or Event

  • Planning the Event
  • Writing to Participants and Delegates
  • Circulating Information
  • Collating Requirements
  • Clarifying Requirements-Ordering Equipment
  • Dealing with the Venue-Pecise and Clear Instructions
  • Complaints and Apologies

5. Communicating in Writing

  • Emails and Short Notes
  •  Formal and Informal Letters
  • Report Writing
  • Diplomatic Language
  • Clarity and Conciseness
  • Summarising and Concluding
  • Taking Minutes of a Meeting
  • Writing up the Minutes

6. Telephoning

  • Simplicity and Clarity
  • Pronunciation
  • Making Suggestions and Proposals
  • Taking Notes and Messages
  • Using your Voice Effectively

7. Practical Application

  • Relevant Role-plays and Practice
  • Individual and Group Feedback
  • Sharing Ideas and Experiences with Others
  • Discussion of Cultural Factors when Dealing with other Nationalities



Personal Assistants and Secretaries who need to improve their English skills to work more effectively and efficiently





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